I Did That Thing

The invention of the DVR has been both a blessing and a curse in my life. A curse because I do believe that it has contributed to an increase in the amount of time I spend watching television (would I really adjust my schedule to make sure that I was in place to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta as it aired?). It has also been a blessing, though, because there have been many worthwhile television programs that I’ve been able to catch mostly because I’ve been able to search for them at my leisure and schedule them to be recorded. Then watch them when I have the time. But alas, this is not the point of this post. The point is something that I heard on a show that I had DVR’d (there was a connection there) that really resonated with me. This statement, along with several other things that I have observed or read, has been pushing me to make some changes in my life in an effort to start living fearlessly and aggressively pursue my goals/passion.

Oprah’s Lifeclass tour kicked off a couple of weeks ago but I just got around to watching the first show yesterday. Although the show featured Iyanla Vanzant, who I have always enjoyed listening to, it was something that Oprah said in the first fifteen minutes of the show that struck me. While talking about her life’s purpose and the way she lives her life, she said “When I take my last breath, I want to be able to tell God ‘I did that thing'”. In short, she wants to die knowing that did what she was put on this earth to do AND she did it well.

This sums up what I want for myself and what I don’t believe I am accomplishing at the moment. While I do have a blessed life and much to be thankful for (good health, great family, job etc.), I am not living the kind of life in which I could say ‘I did that thing’ with confidence. My last words to God would be more like ‘I know I could have done better, but hopefully I haven’t done too bad’. I know – that isn’t nearly as awesome.

So, I’ve decided that I am going to change the trajectory of my own life and take the steps necessary to live a life that I can be proud of. I know it won’t happen overnight and I know that it will take some hard work on my part, but I am up for the challenge. Don’t worry – all (well most) of the juicy details about this journey will be documented on this blog…so stay tuned!



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