31 Days of Writing: Coming of Age – Day 8

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Coming of Age – I’m A Rattler, Baby!

After buckling down and taking the SAT again, I met the criteria to receive a full academic scholarship to attend Florida A&M University.  It wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the wisdom of my mother.  You see, even though Dr. Humphries had said that anyone who met the criteria before the deadline would be eligible, I really didn’t know how to go about getting it.  “Write him a letter and let him know you improved your SAT score…and then ask him for the scholarship” she said.  And so I did.  And what do you know, a few weeks later I received my acceptance letter and had been offered one of FAMU’s Presidential Scholar Scholarships.

Even after receiving this great news, I still wasn’t 100% sold on FAMU.  A big part of me still wanted to attend Spelman.  Two things changed my mind.  The first was my parents advice.  They told me that with a full ride at FAMU, I wouldn’t have the pressure of having to work since they would be able to give me the money they would have otherwise spent on tuition (not all at once, though).  Funny enough, I still ended up having to get a part time job my Sophomore year.  I had been bamboozled!

The second thing that sealed the deal was visiting FAMU’s campus.  It was some time during the Spring of 93′.  The weather was warm and the grass was green.  I remember it rained for like 5 minutes in the middle of the afternoon and then the sun was right back out (I would come to learn that this was a daily occurrence during certain times of the year in Tallahassee).  I felt like I had stepped into an episode of A Different World – young, smart African-American students were everywhere!  I immediately noticed how well everyone was dressed.  A lot of the girls were wearing heels.  Was there a fashion show going on, I thought to myself?  Nope, this is just how it was done at HBCU.  You got dressed to go to class.

Shortly after my visit at FAMU, I made it official.  I would be taking my academic talents to Tallahassee, Florida.  I would be a RATTLER!

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  1. I ended up going to UT over Spelman for scholarship reasons too. I’m going to pass on your story to my cousin because she recently missed getting accepted to her dream school because she was off some points on her test scores. We’ve been telling her to retake the test, so maybe it’ll help if she hears your story.

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