31 Days of Writing: Coming of Age – Day 16

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Coming of Age – MD 20/20


During freshmen year, I would meet the five women who would become my life-long friends. I met four out of these five during the preparations for the freshmen dorm step show – a much anticipated event that occurred early each Fall semester. The signs announcing that the team for my dorm (McGuinn/Diamond) would be getting underway were posted shortly after the semester began. It seemed like a great way to meet other students, so I showed up for the first day of practice in the basement.

Niecy, whom I had graduated from High School with, would stick together from the beginning. She was the only person I knew from home at FAMU. Daphne and Kim knew each other from high school in West Palm Beach, Florida. They would be responsible for much of our step/dance routine. Sasha was from Sarasota, Florida. She stood out because she would get so hot during rehearsals that she would take off her shirt (which made us all jealous because God had blessed her quite nicely up top).

My contribution to the group was coming up with the idea to wear tennis skirts with our outfits. Someone else came up with our name – MD 20/20 – which was a play on the alcoholic beverage of the same name. The name wasn’t original. The year before, the team from our dorm had used it. We did add a little tag line though – Smooth as Silk. We all had nicknames that we put on the back of our t-shirts. I was Almond Joy (my eyes are almond shaped). Niecy was Georgia Peach (because she’s a Georgia girl). Daphne was China Doll (her slanted eyes and good looks). Sasha was Lil’ Bullet (her high school boyfriend was a track star known as ‘Bullet’).

We had a BLAST those few months, working on and perfecting our routine. The night of the step show was awesome. I remember going out after the show, in our outfits of course, and dancing the night away. Our “fans” would yell out our nicknames throughout the night (good times!).

It was a wonderful way to start off Freshmen year and would turn out to be the beginning of wonderful friendships that have endured to this day.

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(Almond)Joy 🙂


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