Happiness Project – October Update & November Resolutions

I am still plugging along with my Happiness Project.  October was pretty successful for me (yeah!).  My focus for the month was Productivity.

As a reminder, here were my resolutions:

  • Create a daily, detailed and prioritized task list
  • Focus energy on accomplishing the tasks on the task list
  • Limit time spent on social networking sites and watching TV (this will be hard with all of my favorite shows starting up again!)

I gave up on the daily tracking chart for this month, but I’m beginning to think that I should pick it back up for November.  Even though I feel like I did a good job with my resolutions, without a true report card, it is easy to “forget” how many days I missed creating my all-important task list (one thing I know to be true about myself is that I do better when I have a list and I do great when that list is prioritized).

Now on to November…

Focus: Being a Fun(ner) Mom

There is a saying that goes “A mother is only as happy as her least happy child”.  Thankfully, my kids are pretty happy.  The reason I decided to focus on being a fun(ner) mom has less to do with me feeling like a bad or no-fun mom and more to do with just wanting to practice being a happier, more joyful parent.

No one would ever describe me as the “fun mom” or the “cool mom”.  And I don’t necessarily want to be that mom.  But I do think that I could stand to loosen up a bit in some areas and add more fun time to our household routine.  This will surely add some joy to my children’s lives and that, in and of itself, will add some joy to mine as well.


  • Join in on home silly time – when my six year old decides to wow us with his dance moves, embrace it!
  • Don’t be overly harsh – stop expecting perfection
  • Use my inside voice – no yelling
  • Bake more cookies and let the kids help – they LOVE being in the kitchen

I anticipate that this month will be a big challenge for me.  There are very few things that I do simply for the fun of it.  When I think about my interactions with the kids, it is almost always about “business”.  Have you brushed your teeth?  Have you done your homework?  Did you check the spelling?  Did you say your grace?  Hurry up!  Don’t do that!

See what I mean?  Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me :-).

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  1. It’s refreshing reading about someone with a November project that’s not NaNo. Goodluck with your happiness project.

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