Happiness Project – November Update & December Resolutions

The fact that November has flown by, seemingly at record speed, is evidence that the Holiday season is upon us.  So much to do, yet so little daylight (at least here in Denver where it is totally dark by 5pm)!

Anyway, it is already time for another Happiness Project update (pausing for applause for actually seeing this project through, so far)…

Since my focus for November was to be a fun Mom – check here for my specific resolutions – I thought the best measurement of success would be whether my kids noticed any difference in my fun factor.  So, after I worked up the nerve, I asked them whether they thought I had been a fun mom these past few weeks.

My son’s (age 7) initial response was “No”, and then after a few moments (I’ve never been good about hiding my disappointment), he said “Well, you have because you give us stuff that is healthy and you only give us a little bit of sweets”.  I guess at 7, maybe he hasn’t truly caught on to the true definition of “fun”.  And, no, I didn’t explain it to him. 🙂

My daughter (age 11) is much more aware of what fun means, apparently.  Her answer was, “Well, I haven’t seen anything too different really, but I guess you have been easier to talk to about things going on at school and you’ve been calmer when helping me with my homework.”  And because she is my child, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to add a helpful suggestion. “One thing that you could work on is not always being on my case…buy I guess that is what parents are supposed to do.  Wait – is this for your blog thing?”

Gotta love pre-teens…

I take the fact that my daughter noticed any difference at all as a positive.  The truth is, while I could certainly lighten up in some areas, I’m just not going to be that super-laid back mom who lets their kids learn everything by trial and error.  There are always going to be some “Because I said so” moments in my house.

Now for December…

Focus: Choose Happy, No Matter What

laughing emoticon

This month I will focus on choosing to be happy.  Sometimes I think it can be easy to get caught up in the pursuit of feeling a certain way.  So much so, that we can actually miss experiencing this feeling – be it happiness, peace, joy – because we are so focused on achieving it.  I truly believe that some times the best thing that we can do is just decide to feel the way we desire to feel, and even do the things that we envision a person who feels this way would do.

So since this project is about feeling happiness – truly content with where I am in life – this month I am going to focus on choosing to be happy every day and doing the things (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant) that happy people do.


  • Choose to be happy, especially when I don’t necessarily feel it
  • Smile for no reason
  • Give spontaneous hugs (these will mainly be reserved for my family)
  • Go through a Starbucks drive thru and pay for the order from the car behind me (I’ve always wanted to do this and never remember when I’m actually there)
  • Put money in the Salvation Army bucket and say “Happy Holidays!” to the person ringing the bell (and do this with a smile)

PS. Not that I feel like I have to explain myself for November, but I did bust out into funny dance moves in front of the kids a few times…they must have conveniently forgotten about that! 🙂

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  1. Hi Joy,
    Kids are tough 🙂
    Love this!

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