It Is All Good

Every now and then I find myself in a cloud of self-doubt.  It isn’t anything too intense.  In fact, often times I can’t quite put my finger on it until the feeling passes, and then in retrospect, I realize that the ‘I may not be good/smart/talented enough’ feeling I had been experiencing was real.  That I was, in fact, subconsciously beating myself up about one thing or another.  And that was likely the cause of my slump.

This happened just a few days ago.  I had ended my annual Daniel Fast 3 days early, which I did consciously but still felt like I was showing lack of discipline (I’m a Virgo so rarely satisfied with anything less than perfect execution).  Being in between major projects at work, I wasn’t feeling like the corporate super star I’m used to being.  And, I recently committed to take on some volunteer responsibilities that I should have said no to, so I’m frustrated with myself for not thinking it through before saying ‘yes’ (and too chicken to go back and tell the group that I can’t do it).

So what pulled me out of this slump?  Well, for one thing, I had a business trip to go on which forced me to put on something other than workout clothes, fix my hair and put on a little make up.  I was also able to chat face to face with some work colleagues (working from home is truly wonderful, but the trade-off is sometimes feeling disconnected).  And lastly, I went running.  Putting some effort into looking presentable, intellectual stimulation and physical activity does wonders for the psyche – I’m convinced of that.

I am also a big fan of this mantra:

I am smart.  I am talented.  I am beautiful.  And, doggone it, people like me.

Repeat this a few times the next time you aren’t feeling so fabulous – I guarantee it will lift your spirits (I recommend saying it with a sassy attitude)!




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  1. You know, i am very good at pep talks so next time you pass thru HDQ, I need to see your semi-smiling face so i can turn that into a full-on smile. Truth is, as we all know, it is never our situation but our response to it. I think we all need to take some inspiration from the Broadway hit “Annie” because surely, “The sun will come out tomorrow”! I know, I’ve been singin that tune lately myself. And I also remember a talk we had 3 years ago when we both said “somethings gotta give”. Well, something did! I finally got a housekeeper on a weekly basis and i just have to wonder…what took me so long? It has been a really simple but good start to 2013 and part of my goal to put down the super woman costume. i am going a little easier on myself. Oh, and I give myself permission this year to leave the house without making all the beds! :0)

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