Five-Minute Friday: Red

In an effort to write more regularly, I’ve decided to schedule posts in advance each week (because writing ‘whenever the mood hit me’ wasn’t working so well).  Last Sunday, when I looked at the week ahead I put Five-Minute Fridays on my schedule for this Friday.  This is always risky since you don’t know what the prompt word is going to be and my fear is always whether the word will be something that brings absolutely nothing intelligent or inspiring to mind.

Such is the case this week, but I will stick with my plan and start my stop watch (Have no clue what I’m talking about?  Learn more about FMF here.):




If there was ever a FMF where I felt stumped and unable to think of anything clever or thought-provoking to write, this FMF would be it.  The very first thing that comes to mind (well, actually the second since the first was “What the what?!?”) was how hard it is for me to find the perfect shade of red lipstick.  Given the plethora of shades available from any one of many cosmetic lines, it always amazes me that I still haven’t stumbled upon one that suits me just right.  Normally, I don’t even like to wear much color on my lips (feels like I’m drawing too much attention to myself), but occasionally I do like to spice it up a bit and go bold.

A month or so ago, I did happen to catch a special offer from NARS for a reddish lipstick that actually works pretty well (although still not perfect) and I pair it with a plum lip liner from MAC.  I’ll have to add the actual names later since if I get up now, my time will surely run out.

Oh wait, it has just run out!


Ugh.  I am so tempted to delete this post.  Having to write for five minutes, with no second guessing, heavy editing etc. can leave a girl feeling a little inadequate.  I am super scared to read what others have written, which I’m sure will be of much more substance.  Oh well, I will just have to accept that this isn’t my best FMF showing and will try to do better next time!

And next time – no writing FMF posts on late Thursday evening, while watching football!


P.S. The NARS lipstick color is “Rouge Basque” and the MAC lip liner is “Vino”


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10 replies

  1. I’m so glad you took some time out to write about red. My first thought was the same as yours, and I’m still sitting here thinking, over-thinking, about what to write. But, honestly, I love what happens when you just write. Now I’m inspired to give this week’s prompt a shot… I’m even inspired to try a new lipstick color. 🙂 Great post, Joy!

  2. Joy, I am so glad you didn’t delete this post! I really liked it and the prompt was really hard. You did great!

  3. Bravo for writing and posting! That’s what FMF is all about – being brave enough to just write and post without hashing and rehashing the words. It’s a beautiful window into our thought process and we see we are not alone in struggling to write something we feel is worthy. I agree this was a tough word. Great job,

  4. This week’s prompt was hard. I ended up writing about perfume. But what I love about this post is how I caught a glimpse into your heart. You have a sweet humility about you that came through in your pondering of red lipstick. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad I stopped by.

  5. Red is hot and Red is bold
    Red is the color of my Soul

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