Five-Minute Friday: the TRUTH about kindness

Swinging in a little late on Five-Minute Friday, but I’m here!



For the past couple of weeks, my mind has been noodling over the word kindness.  It started off quite randomly.  A string of testy emails between my second-grader’s classroom parents started it off.  I was somewhat taken aback by how a few of these parents were so quick to hit send on an email that was something less than kind.  About something relatively trivial (in my opinion) – the occasional use of candy in the classroom…not that there is a subject that would justify being rude.  The second thing was a YouTube video of a commencement speech, which centered on kindness.  And then there was the kid on my second-grader’s bus that was giving my precious child a hard time (How dare he mistreat my baby???).  Oh, and then there was also the heartwarming story on Good Morning America about the kid that wrote a letter to Santa early asking for help for his twin sister who was getting bullied at school.

The truth about kindness is that all too often it isn’t exercised.  In some ways it seems as though being kind has become not cool.  Just look at all of the reality shows that thrive on drama and fighting.  And how the more the people on these shows fight, the more popular the shows become and the more notoriety the perpetrators seem to gain.  Even many of the competition-type shows seem to, at least in the beginning, focus and capitalize on those that seem to lack the self awareness that they actually can’t sing or dance…and then proceed to make fun of them for it.

I even notice it in my own lovely little neighborhood and in the local grocery store.  The “good morning” that goes unanswered.  The refusal to make eye contact or return a friendly smile.

Perhaps it is that we are all too busy, too focused on our own lives, too caught up in judging.

I certainly don’t have the answer, but I do know this to be true – the world would certainly be a better place, if we all tried just a little bit harder to be kind – to everyone.


Check out the commencement speech video I mentioned above here and the Good Morning America story here.

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  1. Beautiful site, dear. As a former teacher, I must say that I don’t think people mean to be unkind but when someone feels slighted it is inevitable. The idea that we must seek and pursue peace with all men in spite of our differences is not always easy. Sometimes it is the easiest, everyday kindnesses that mean so MUCH. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Hi Lisa – you are probably so right about that (people not meaning to be unkind). I’m sure I have unintentionally slighted someone a time or two! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Some will teach their children that they should strive to be important but the truth is that it is more important to be kind

  3. Love this! How sad is it that kindness and common courtesy are so uncommon these days. I long for a world that is more focused on just doing the right thing from the goodness of our hearts. And it can certainly start with me 🙂 Thank you for this kind and gentle reminder!

  4. Kindness is a word mulling in my head these days too. I agree in thinking our busy lives keep us from even noticing how behaviours and words affect one another. Our adult generation is setting the pace for the next ones to come… I’m a little scared sometimes. As a society we need to slow down, take time to look into someone’s eyes when talking, reread emails and texts before pressing send, slow down on the road. Really ‘see’ each other. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I agree. It is so sad that being unkind sells in the media, making this generation desensitized to yet another important thing. I’ve noticed the lack of kindness, too, in and around my community. Loved your thoughts and glad you shed some light on the subject. Kindness is contagious. Let’s spread some love. 🙂

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