31 Days :: Day 1 – Doing Better


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I am super excited to be joining in on this month of fun again this year with the The Nester.  31 Days is pretty awesome and pretty crazy all at the same time.  I (along with a few hundred other bloggers) will be writing every day, for 31 days, on one topic.  Last year was my first year trying to do this – and, I say ‘trying’ because I actually didn’t write every day for 31 days.  I did give it my best shot, though, and really did enjoy the process.  You can check out last year’s posts here.

This year, I’ve done a bit more advance planning and I’ve chosen a great topic <insert drum roll here> – Doing Better!  I had originally planned to call my topic ‘Self-help’ but I decided that sounded a bit boring.

Why I chose ‘Doing Better’…

I have never met a professional or personal development book, seminar or conference that I wasn’t totally excited about.  Almost every year, I develop a pretty good list of resolutions (that like everyone else, I typically don’t keep past February).  My dream job, the one that I would do for free, would involve motivating others to do something great in their own lives.  In short, I love the idea of constantly striving for excellence…working towards being better tomorrow than you were today..the pursuit of living your best life.

What to expect from me this month…

A lot of my posts this month will include book reviews of the many self-help, motivational, inspirational books I’ve acquired over the years…many of which I hadn’t gotten around to reading prior to landing on this topic a month or so ago.  Some will include my personal experiences with trying to improve upon certain areas of my life.  And others will include random bit of wisdom I’ve happened upon that really resonated with me and will hopefully be helpful to you too!

What you won’t see (or read) from me…

Let’s be clear – I am no expert.  As much as I would love to say that I am a world-renowned life coach or a young (ish) Oprah in the making, the fact is that I am not.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to offer and have certainly gained a decent amount of knowledge about some topics over the years.  Having said that, my goal for this 31 Days of Writing process is simply to share some thoughts and experiences centered around doing better.

Make sure to check back each day this month to see what is new (or sign up for the newsletter!).  Also, as I mentioned earlier, hundreds of other bloggers are also writing every day this month so be sure to check out what others are writing about.

“When you know better, you do better.”

– Maya Angelou



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