31 Days :: Day 2 – Review of Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer


A few years ago I started the process of writing an ebook about strategies for reaching your fitness goals.  The first, and most important, strategy was: “Get Your Mind Right”.  I just don’t think you can achieve much of anything if your mind isn’t in the right place.  For fitness, that means you have to make sure you’re doing things for the right reason, that you have confidence in your ability to achieve your goals and above all, be in a positive space.  I believe that this is true in all areas of our lives.  Our mind has to be “right” in order for us to achieve.

I’m guessing that this belief is what drew me to Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  I honestly can’t recall when or where I picked up this book.  Although I knew of Joyce Meyer, I didn’t know much about her other than that she was a pastor with a pretty big following.  Taking on ‘Doing Better’ for 31 Days of Writing was the perfect motivation to finally give it a read (its been on my bookshelf for at least a couple of years).

What is it about?

In Battlefield of the Mind, Meyer contends that often it is the condition of our mind that prevents us from fulfilling our purpose.  She (and lots of others) says that it is our thoughts that directly influence our actions.  In short – you can’t think negatively but live positively.

The book is organized into three parts:

  1. The importance of thoughts
  2. The conditions of the mind
  3. Wilderness mentalities (I call this section the negative stories we tell ourselves that hold us back).

Key takeaways.

There are lots of great nuggets in this book, but a few stood out to me:

  • We should think about what we think about – having a positive mind is an ongoing process and we need to consistently be aware of our thoughts.
  • I tend to be a worrier and probably spend too much time planning for the worst case scenario (which I try to convince myself is simply being prepared).  Worrying does no one any good!

So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own.  Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:34

  • The mind and the spirit work together – the mind must be in a normal state (free of negativity, doubt, confusion, passiveness) to be effectively guided by God.

The mind is powerful.

There is no doubt about it – the mind is powerful.  And, as I endeavor to focus on doing better this month, I will be paying extra attention to my thoughts.

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…

Proverbs 23:7










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