31 Days :: Day 15 – Do Not Rely On The Applause

31 Days_Applause

Who among us doesn’t like a pat on the back or a ‘you go, girl’ every now and then.  I know that I do.  At work, as much as I like to receive feedback on ways I can be more effective or promotable, I like to hear about what I do well even better.  I like to see the “Wow!” look on people’s faces when I mention that I’ve run a few marathons (not that I force that little tidbit of info into a conversation, but you know, if it comes up naturally).  And, I just love when people laugh at something super clever I’ve said or ‘like’ some witty Facebook status update that I’ve spent an hour thinking up.

Hey, at least I can admit it, right?

One thing that I have come to realize, though, is that I can’t rely too heavily on the accolades or even basic encouragement from those around me.  If I do, I’ll lose motivation if and when those things don’t come.  I recall that I used to feel disappointed when Hubby didn’t comment or ask enough questions about my writing.  I used to interpret it as a sign that he wasn’t as supportive of my dreams and aspirations as he should be.   I know – a little dramatic, but I bet you’ve been there too.  The truth is he would read each and every post (at least that is what he says – I’ve never tested him :-)).

The truth is – at least as I see it – that when we base our motivation to do something on the reaction of friends, co-workers and even loved ones, we are really setting ourselves up for failure.  Chances are the precise reaction that we are looking for will not come – not necessarily because our friends and family aren’t supportive…more likely they are just busy thinking about what they have going on in their own lives.









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